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TerraFirmA is the product of many years of development work by several groups of people. This page attempts to chronicle some of the work that has been carried out over the years.

Since its first incarnation as Terradome at Oxford Brookes, Terra has been constantly striving to achieve something unique in the Aber community. Whilst this may have driven us from the Aber fold somewhat, the experience offered within TerraFirmA is very different to that found in many other MUDs.

Through the migration of Terradome to Denmark, and then the birth of TerraFirmA, the Terra Adventure Engine has been constantly refined to improve the underlying codebase that the mud runs upon. Massive restructuring and recoding of the legacy code from Dirt has paved the way for some extremely innovative systems and the policy of adding unique, unused zones has ensured that the challenge of making Untouchable remains one of the best around.


Terra Administrator

Dale Baldwin (Dale)

Internal Design

Dale Baldwin (Dale)

Other Coding

Jimmy Wilson (Lister)
Angela Somerville (Nirvana)
Abi Brady (Morwen)

Web Site

Angela Somerville (Nirvana)

Other Administration

Kate Moore (Firefly)


Terra Administrator

Todd Papaioannou (Luckyspin)

Systems Design

Chris Williams (Cyn)

Internal Design

Todd Papaioannou (Luckyspin)

Web Site

Brenda Mondragon (BabyGirl)

Other Administration

Trina Williams (Bambi)

Special Help

Gert Ohl (Gohl)


Terra Author

David Riddell McGhee (Boogie)

Additional Internal Design

Mark Crawford (Vardick)
Nick Jackson (Gly)
Richard Cave (Astar)
Richard Green (Vert)

Additional External Help

Ithor, Kender, ErIC, Balladar

Original Dirt Code Authors

Alf Salte and Gjermund Sorserth

Original AberMUD Scenario Design

Richard Acott, Alan Cox, Jim Finnis

Original Zones Used

   Abyss      : Abaddon  Ancient   : Elmo      Catacomb   : Rassilon
   Desert     : Elmo     Eastcoast : Damalon   EForest    : Dinithiar 
   Grove      : Gaea     Oaktree   : Orca      Nibelung   : Lightsword  
   Orchold    : Rassilon Pirate    : Hamlet

Local Zone Work

Zone         : Zone Writer/Orig. Ed. 
               (Puzzle Coder or TerraScripter) 
               Yr of Origin on Terra

Cartoon      : Boogie (Boogie) 1994
Beach        : Boogie (Boogie) 1994
Icecave      : Snail (Snail & Boogie) 1994
Labyrinth    : Snail & Gly (Snail & Gly) 1994
Turtle       : Garet & Boogie (Boogie) 1994
Abyss        : Xenon (Boogie) 1994
Oaktree      : Ithor (Ithor & Boogie) 1994
Genesis      : Gly (Luckyspin) 1996
Waste        : Astar & Asgaurd (Boogie) 1994
Sherwood     : Gly (Boogie) 1995
Silicon      : Boogie & Daedelus (Boogie, Astar, Daedelus) 1995
Harbour      : Gly (Boogie) 1994
Opera        : Snail (Snail & Boogie) 1994
Tundra       : Gly
Island       : Gly (Boogie) 1994
Farm         : Gly (Snail & Boogie) 1994 (Updated : Firefly (Firefly) 2000)
Eastcoast    : Gly (Boogie) 1994
Oracle       : Gly (Boogie) 1994
Wedding      : Boogie 1994
Castle       : Astar (Snail) 1994
Nibelung     : Ithor (Ithor & Boogie) 1994
Forest       : Garet (Boogie) 1994
Glacier      : Gly 1994
Cottage      : Gly (Boogie)
Hamelin      : Gly (Luckyspin) 1995
Calaedonia   : Gly (Boogie)
Common       : Gly (Luckyspin) 1995
Citadel      : Lukie (Luckyspin) 1995
Beilefeld    : Luckyspin (Luckyspin) 1995
Clockshop    : Gly (Vert)
Cavern       : Gly (Vert & Luckyspin) 1995
Rome         : Lucas (Vert) 1995
Angels       : BabyGirl (Cyn) 1996
Rescue       : Luckyspin & Azrael (Luckyspin) 1996
Wombles      : Cyn (Cyn) 1997
Newbie       : Lister & BabyGirl (Luckyspin) 1997
Prague       : Gimbal (Lister & Nirvana) 1997
Cave         : Lucas (Boogie/Lucas) 1994 (Quest: 1998)
Vampire      : Lister (Lister) 1998
Turfe        : Firefly (Cyn) 1998-99
Tomb         : Cyn & Bambi (Cyn) 1999
Majick       : Lister (Lister) 1999
Jigsaw       : Dale (Robert) 1999
Whale        : Dale (Dale) 1999
Caravan      : Bambi (Cyn) 1999
Mine         : Cyn (Cyn) 2000
Ythcaren     : Cyn (Cyn) 2000
Nightmare    : Dale (Dale) 2000
Vortex       : Dale (Dale) 2000
Hell         : Flea (Flea/Dale) 2000
Grimoire     : Bambi (Bambi) 2000
Sewer        : Dale (Dale) 2001
Commerce     : Bambi & Flea 2001
Dragon       : Dale (Dale) 2002
Silverthorn  : Milkyeyes (Lister) 2002
Palace       : Dale (Dale) 2002
Treespirit   : Dale (Dale) 2002
Thieves      : Nirvana (Nirvana) 2002
Underwater   : Bagpuss (Lister) 2003
Vengeance    : Dale (Dale) 2003
Grasscove    : Milkyeyes (Dale) 2003
Werewolves   : Dale (Dale) 2004
Apothecary   : Dale (Dale) 2004
Christmas    : Bliss (Dale) 2004
Bedlam       : Dale (Dale) 2005
Deadisle     : Dale (Dale) 2005
Escape       : Astar (Dale) 2005
Gremlin      : Dale (Dale) 2006
Myce         : Dale (Dale) 2006
Princess     : BabyGirl (BabyGirl) 2000 (Updated: Dale (Dale) 2007)
Vault        : Lister (Lister) 2011

This was a mammoth project that undertook to redesign the entire layout of the world of TerraFirmA. Recognising the fact that the game world had become extremly cluttered and disjointed the project was set up to rework the internal layout of the game, to offer a more logical land that had continuity, flavour and history. The project was envisaged and overseen by Luckyspin, with BabyGirl, Lucas and Firefly doing the extensive zone work. All coding required for the project was done by Luckyspin.

The Majick system is a data-driven spellcasting system devised for TF. The system allows spells to be defined outside of the code base. New Spells can be created (or existing ones modified) simply and easily. The system was designed by Cyn, with Bambi creating the majority of the spells.

The idea to bring in a fully operational puzzle scripting language was dreamt of by Terra for many years. It took Cyn to make this become a reality. The language, compiler and runtime system born represent a truly unique and easy way for non-technical people to code puzzles and fully blown quests. The original language was designed by Cyn with comments from Luckyspin. The systems programming, script compiler, stack management systems, UI interfaces and run time system were designed, written and implemented by Cyn.

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