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Tourist Guide - Travel Information

The Vortex

Walking from one start location (the towers and entry room, that is) to another can sometimes be tiring, not to mention wasteful of time. Because of this, the Vortex was created to transport players more quickly around TerraFirmA.

The Vortex is an other-dimensional construct, positioned somewhere above sideways and to the left of charm, that will record the molecular structure of anyone who enters it and reform them at another of its portals. The destination is random, but a little perseverance will usually get you where you want to go.

The actual effect is similar to having each atom of your body torn from its neighbours, which is not surprising as that is almost exactly what happens. However, the process is completely safe, and there are absolutely no recorded instances of anyone arriving at the other end with eg. body parts or important organs transposed.

The Stagecoach

400 credits will get you to Prague and back in Michael's Stagecoach. The journey is long, and a weary adventurer can relax and enjoy the view as they recuperate en route.

As with all forms of public transport you may have to put up with the occasional smelly old drunk.

Riding Animals

There are various animals throughout the land who will gladly carry you - some on land, other through the air or in water. As well as giving your feet a much needed rest some will help carry your load or even help you out in fights.

Be careful which animals you try to ride, many an unfortunate adventurer has been attacked by a bemused beast.

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