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TerraFirmA Chronology

The First Age

Little is known about the origin of the World, nor why it seems to be in a dome, nor the purpose of the airlocks. However, it is said that :

Firstly, there was nothing
Then, Mud was created.
From the Mud, was made Dirt.
And from the Dirt was fashioned Terra.

Humans believe that the Elves came to Terra from over the sea at this time, pursuing the master of Thû, Melko, and fought a terrible war, and in the end, the powers, or Untouchables, came to the rescue of the Elves, and banished Melko into the void.

The Second Age

Little is known of the early part of the second age. The town of Hamelin started as a market village probably early this age, and grew in importance until it became the main market town and capital of the surrounding area.

500 SA

The Sundisc is lost.

2000 SA

A strange portal on the Island leading to Rome is discovered.

2500 SA

Another strange portal, this one leading to a demonic realm, is discovered, and immediately blocked off after many adventurers meet a sorry end. It was later discovered that this had awakened the demons, and they started coming into the real world.

3050 SA

Across the portal, Caesar, Emperor of Rome, is assasinated by Brutus, leader of the Elf-Friends.

3200 SA

Christianity is imported via the portal.

3300 SA

Thû is killed, and the One Ring is taken from him. It is left in the care of Hadoram, commander of the elite Oracle Guard. Hadoram gives the ring to Maylin, who loses it. The Ring is obtained by Gollum, who hides in a cave under Castle Maderlon, an Arnorian castle.

The Demon Army of Thû, and their Leader, the Djinni, are banished to the Wasted Plain, with the help of the powerstones, made by Shazareth and Dinthiar.

The Vortexes are constructed to aid in transport for soldiers defending the area surrounding Hamelin.

King Artur is king of Arnor at this time.

See The Banishment of the Djinni, read djinni

The Third Age

11 TA

Shazareth is exiled, after it was revealed that the darker side of Majick had lured him.

See Tale of Terra describing this, not currently on the game.

12 TA

The Elven realm in the ElvenForest flourishes. The Dark Elves hide away in the caves.

50 TA

Excalibur, the sword of King Artur of Arnor, is lost in the Sea. About this time, the Holy Grail is hidden in catacombs in the basement of a church.

451 TA

The Horn of Artur is lost by his descendant, who dies an untimely death in the Labyrinth, fabled home of the Minotaur. It is rumoured that the owner of this horn may be able to recover Excalibur.

723 TA

The Grzdhsh is found, it's origin unknown. It is quickly taken to the Hamelin Library and locked away, where it remains safe for over seven hundred years.

800 TA

The Dwarves awaken a Balrog in Khazad-Dum. They flee, and establish a citadel, too close to the Orc stronghold for the Orcs liking. A cold war between the Orcs and the Dwarves starts.

952 TA

The inhabitants of Castle Hohenzollern mysteriously disappear. Rumour blames this on a dragon, Faffner, although some state that a Vampire is to blame. See also Castle Hohenzollern read hohenzollern.

1027 TA

The Bowl of Oblivion is stolen from the temple in Beilefeld.

1132 TA

With the signing of a peace treaty between the Orcs and the Dwarves, the last major Orc attack on the Dwarven Citadel occurs. A long peace begins.

1195 TA

Viola's parents go missing. They are rumoured to have gone to help the people of Skara Brae.

1200s TA

Piracy is rife on the seas near Hamelin. The village, `Smuggler's Cove', in the North becomes very important.

1240 TA

The King of Arnor dies, childless. The populace of Hamelin elect a Mayor to rule Hamelin. The power of the mayor reaches to the borders of the Elvenforest and the disused Castle in the northeast, to the Harbour in the southeast, and as far South as the edge of the Desert.

1282 TA

A dragon lands at the top of the Dwarven Citadel. It doesn't move out. This leads to the reduction in power of the dwarves.

1292 TA

The Braithwaite sabre is lost.

See The Story of the Braithewaite Sabre, FW 18

1340 TA

Sir Nicholas Jackon-Smythe is born.

1370 TA

The son of Sir Nicholas Jackson-Smythe, who will be father of the Hamelin Draper, is born.

1400 TA

The Hamelin Draper is born.

1403 TA

Akhalton, the Lord of Thyrean, cuts off relationships with the outside world, proclaiming himself King of Thyrean, the supreme King under the Mountains.

1408 TA

Sir Nicholas Jackson-Smythe explores the Glacial regions to the north-west of Hamelin.

See The Barren Lands read barren

1412 TA

The Orcs launch a series of devastating raids on Hamelin and the surrounding area, laying siege to Hamelin for months. In the north, the Lich and Asmodeus finally destroy the Elven Forest. King Dinthiar and his followers sail east.

Also, the Orcs break their centuries-old peace treaty with the Dwarves, launching a large raid on the much-wakened Dwarven citadel, killing King Gimli and leaving the Dwarf population totally decimated.

During the siege, a complicated system of defences is constructed in the caves under Hamelin.

See also The Demise of Gimli

1413 TA

The great explorer Sir Nicholas Jackson-Smythe is lost. All that is known is that he was planning to explore the Oracle, on the Island.

He is the grandfather of the Hamelin Draper.

1420 TA

The Opera house finally closes, after having been plagued by the Opera Ghost.

1430 TA

The Mayor of Ruddington is deposed by the evil King John. Robin Hood collects a bunch of outlaws.

1432 TA

Seven days ago

The Grzdhsh is stolen, and is last seen in the possession of Callisto, one of the few remaining evil majick-users in Terra.

Three days ago

The Pied Piper of Hamelin : see the Tale for details.


The present day.

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