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== Quests =============================================== Updated: 07/01/2000 ==

    All about quests.
There are many quests in TerraFirmA, and solving them is one of the most
challenging and rewarding parts of the game.  Solving quests gives you
experience, which you need to gain levels, and often other rewards too.

Throughout TerraFirmA there are puzzles to be solved, which usually involve 
manipulating objects and/or interacting with mobiles (nonplaying characters in
the game).  A quest is a series of related puzzles, often located within one
particular area of the game (e.g. the Farm), which must be solved to complete
some overall task.  When you complete that task, whatever it is, then you are
credited with the quest and a certain number of experience points (depending on
the difficulty of that quest).

To see a complete list of quests in order of their experience value, use the 
QINFO command by itself, and to find out more about a particular quest, type
'qinfo <quest name>' (e.g. 'qinfo abyss').  To see the status of a quest
(whether or not it is available for completion or has been done or begun by
another player), use the QSTAT command.  To see which quests you yourself have
already completed, use the QUESTS command.

If you manage to complete a quest in the fastest time (see INFO TIMES), then
you will be rewarded with 10% of that quest's experience value in credits.

See also : INFO GAME
         : INFO LEVELS
         : INFO TIMES
         : HELP QINFO
         : HELP QUESTS
         : HELP QDONE