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Tourist Guide - Untouchable Homerooms

Cryogenius' Research Laboratory

Located on the top floor of the Hamelin Town Library, Cryo's lab is filled with strange and mysterious equipment, constantly humming away quietly. Watch the untouchable at work, or if he's not busy, he may invite you in to his Cryosphere for a quiet cup of tea and a chat.

In his private chamber, Cryogenius has a pet Spider Demon, which though not known for being aggressive, does have a habit of entrapping and keeping some passing visitors.

Baby's Beauties

In the quaint village of Smuggler's Cove you'll find an.. interesting establishment near the Old Seadog Inn. Look for the red light hanging in the window! The place may look a bit ramshackle, but if you have a look around you may just find something useful.

The proprietress, BabyGirl, points out that her private chambers also include a lovely boudoir and well-kept rose garden. And, if you're lucky, maybe one day you too will get to visit the infamous Big Bed!

Rivendell, the Last Homely House

Deep within the elven forest lies Rivendell, a reminder of the tranquil place that the forest was in years gone by.

Inhabited by Flea, it remains a calming, peaceful envirnoment despite its desecrated surroundings.

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