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FreeWheeling ISSUES ]



Welcome to the home of FreeWheeling, the Terra E-zine. FreeWheeling (a.k.a. "FW") contains game news and information, game-related fiction and articles, and other entertaining reading. Anyone with an e-mail address can subscribe, and anyone can contribute!

Here, you can view web versions of the latest and past issues. There is also a quick index of the articles within each issue. Enter the archive to download archived text and/or web editions.

Latest Issue:
FreeWheeling 26
(Feb 2002)
Past Issues:
FreeWheeling 25
(Oct 2001)
FreeWheeling 24
(Feb 2001)
FreeWheeling 23
(May 2000)
FreeWheeling 22
(Feb 2000)
FreeWheeling 21
(Dec 1999)
FreeWheeling 20
(Oct 1999)
FreeWheeling 19
(May 1999)
FreeWheeling 18
(Feb 1999)
FreeWheeling 17
(Dec 1998)
FreeWheeling 16
(Oct 1998)
FreeWheeling 15
(Jun 1998)
FreeWheeling 14
(Feb 1998)

To download older issues, going back to 1995, visit the FreeWheeling Archive.

Where did the name "FreeWheeling" come from, you might be asking yourself... The dictionary gives the definition of Freewheeling as: "To Idle with no fixed purpose in Mind." And that really describes what FW is all about, just idle banter and fun. It's also supposed to be a pun on the fact that when playing a MUD properly you are deemed as "running", so a rest from that would be... FreeWheeling!!