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Tourist Guide - Meet the Mobiles

Percy, the Lighthouse Keeper

From a very young age Percy was fascinated by fire. After burning the house down on two separate occasions, his parents apprenticed him to old Philbert, the lighthouse keeper. When Philbert passed away (peacefully, asleep on the settee), the running of the lighthouse fell to Percy.

Unfortunately, he has allowed the responsibility to overcome him and would appreciate some help in the lighthouse which can be found in the harbour.


Born and bred in the town of Beilefeld, Catherine has learned to look after herself, despite being a mere 6 years old. When visiting her uncle Rochester in Hamelin, a dastardly thief stole her favourite jigsaw puzzle. She has followed him to an old playground of the children of Hamelin where she awaits your assistance to retrieve her toy.

The Wench

Throughout the little schooling that she received, the Wench focused all her efforts onto her childhood dream of becoming the serving girl in the Taverne. She constantly offered to bring the milk to the other children, and took pride in not spilling a drop.

She is, however, beginning to wonder whether it was all worthwhile. She seems to get little thanks for the job she does and would love to be paid enough to buy a replacement for her tattered blue gown. Perhaps you should pay her a visit when you are in town?

The Vampire

It was a real pain in the neck when Louis woke up and found he was a vampire. Since then he has roamed the Dome in search of sustenance. Unfortunately, being from a continental background, he has developed a taste for garlic which will offer an adventurer no protection from his bite.

He was lucky enough to find a cosy penthouse room in castle surroundings, which he tastefully decorated in black and red. When he isn't out-and-about eating (I mean, MEETING) the locals, there's nothing he likes more than relaxing in his warm and cosy coffin.

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