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Tourist Guide - Centres of Commerce

The Village Store

Entering the small, cramped, Village Store, the first things to be seen - and in fact almost everything to be seen - are the rows and rows of shelves lining the room. There are shelves on the floor, shelves nailed to the walls, shelves obscuring the windows, and if the storekeeper could find a way to do it there would be shelves on the ceiling. All of them are piled high with equipment, goods, staples of life, and luxuries, to the extent that it's a wonder the Storekeeper can find anything.

The Storekeeper will accept both hard cash and (for the hard-up adventurer) barter, but requests for credit will be met with blank incomprehension.

The Hardware Store

The Hardware Store on Cooper's Lane in Beilefeld is less crowded than the Village Store, and has a smaller range of goods, but it is much more convenient for the west side of TerraFirmA than the Village Store. The stock leans heavily towards iron implements, but few of them would be useful to the average adventurer less interested in home improvements than in dungeon depreciation.

Asking for credit is again not recommended, but barter is acceptable.

Ye Olde Pawne Broker

There is also a Pawnbroker's Shop in the town of Hamelin, but be prepared to buy dear and sell cheap, because he hates giving money away unless he has to. His shop is small and rather shabby, and most of his stock consists of curios and household items pawned by hard-up villagers, but the determined adventurer may find something useful. Don't even think about asking for credit.

The Mage's Hut

The mage is a busy man who is intrigued by majickal objects. His shop is neat and uncluttered. He will gladly evaluate objects for you, but does not like you to waste his time with junk. He will also recharge majickal objects when they lose their power for a small fee and for the right money transcribe spells of your choice into a scroll for you.

Caravan Park

The travelling caravan park is home to various traders ranging from The Tailor's to the Snack Wagon, a Smith's Forge to the Fortune-Teller's Wagon.


There are several blacksmiths throughout TerraFirmA. They get by selling customised equipment and will also help mend damaged gear.

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