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Tourist Guide - Sites of Historical Interest

The Pyramids

Roll up! Roll up! Only 3,999 credits for this marvellous fun-filled exciting tour of a lifetime!

The Historic Mansion

During your visit to TerraFirmA why not take a walk around the historic mansion house and grounds? With its ivy and honeysuckle covered walls, the once splendid mansion now has a certain rustic charm. Once inside you can view the priceless antiques and portraits of the previous owners, but do be careful of breakage.

On the way to the mansion you will pass through a pleasant forest of oak and elm trees. Caution may be needed as it is rumoured that magical creatures frequent this area. There is also a very delightful picnic spot in the shade created by a large statue.

The Dwarven Citadel

This huge citadel in the north-western corner of the Dome, is home to many dwarves, some of whom will be pleased to see you, others less so. There are four main towers, all interlinked on two floors by a network of corridors and secret passageways. The tops of some of the towers have fallen into disrepair and one of them is home to a very unwelcome creature. However, the dwarves live on in their home, surrounded by their moat and enduring the frequent visits of adventurers.

Castle Hohenzollern

Follow the grassy path to the west of the village up into the mountains and you will come across the Castle Hohenzollern. As you explore this magnificent castle, you will find evidence that it can hold hundreds of warriors, thankfully they are not all around most of the time.

Nibelung has all the condiments that any self respecting castle should have, an armoury, turrets, a library, a chapel and, of course, a dungeon. The castle also offers the best view of the western side of the Dome, take a walk along the walls and climb up to the turret, but watch out for any unfriendly guards or monsters!

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